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Unique ....Stunning ...Fascinating

Bespoke Wedding


for you & your beloved


Your Wedding Day, one of the most  precious days in your life

Magic moments...the first glimpse, a kiss, a hug, the joy, the love…Romance... Your Wedding Day, one of the most precious days in your life and all that is left are emotional memories.


Looking at the wedding album and photographs, and going through the emotion and happiness from that day for many years to come is the most gratitude for me being a wedding photographer of such a valuable day.


My aim is to give you the best services and products and to make you feel special. All that comes after many years of experience. As some people say: “ Experience is not expensive- it is priceless”.


Every wedding is unique and that is the reason to deal on a personal stage. Please, feel free to look at the basic services and packages and keep in mind that all options can be customized to match your exclusive needs. Considering the personal approach and the quality of service and photography you get the prices suggest exceptional value.


Best wishes,


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