Justin & Oksana


Dear Vasko,Words cannot express our gratitude for capturing our family in your artistic vision and creating memories for us that will last a lifetime. The attention to detail, patience, professionalism, and passion that you had during our shoots was remarkable and the pictures were absolutely amazing!We enjoyed the experience so much! As you know, we will be returning to you again and again as our kids grow and we continue to want to capture such amazing images.Thank you so much!Justin and Oksana

Nicol Cooper


Dear Vasko,We cannot thank you enough for taking John’s pictures at his 5th birthday. This is the second occasion for my husband and I to use your services. We would like to express how grateful we are for your professionalism, personal touch and attention to detail. We were extremely happy when we received the final product. The pictures are fantastic, and you were able to capture all moments and our true emotions. John has never co-operated before so well when his pictures were taken. We are looking at his pictures over and over again and our hearts are filled with happiness.We wish you all success in your career. We can only hope that you stay in this business for many years to come. Moments like this last forever and we can enjoy them because of your amazing photography skills, passion and genuine care to make them special. The experience was incredible and we look forward to meeting you again in the near future.Nicola Jane Cooper

Aleksandr & Yevgeniya


Dear Vasko,We are so glad to leave our comments and will be very happy to leave it on Facebook as well. First of all we absolutely delighted to see all photographs that you made on Leon’s birthday party. Everything is looking so rich, colorful, and full of life, children so happy and playing so natural as they have never realized you were around. Another great thank you for what you did to share our memories, as all our relatives, friends, and party guests were asking where they can get this photographs from.Thank you very much for your high professionalism, talent and patience in that not so easy job. We will be coming back to you again and again and again.Best Wishes,Aleksandr and Yevgeniya


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