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  • How do we engage to VASKO Photography?
    Simply. Contact me and let me know about the date of your exceptional day. You can do that in many ways online, by phoning, even Skype and Facebook. I would love to discuss your wedding plans and particular photographic predilections. By your choice we can arrange an appointment to see you in person or in case it is not convenient for you to come to me I can come to you totally free. Should you wish to hire, just fill out my booking form and secure the date with a booking fee.Simply. Contact me and let me know about the date of your exceptional day. You can do that in many ways online, by phoning, even Skype and Facebook. I would love to discuss your wedding plans and particular photographic predilections. By your choice we can arrange an appointment to see you in person or in case it is not convenient for you to come to me I can come to you totally free. Should you wish to hire, just fill out my booking form and secure the date with a booking fee.
  • Where are you located?
    London based but willing to travel to various locations all around UK and abroad.
  • Is it significant to meet with you before the wedding day?
    Yes, indeed. This will help you and me to talk through what’s on your mind specifying all requirements about the photography style and answer all off your questions, ensuring no stress at all on your day.
  • What makes you outstanding wedding photographer?
    My happy clients as I called them “ friends ” and my little secret. The blend of my unique photography style, the intimate touch to the wedding couple and the top quality of the wedding albums. My aim is to give you the best products and services to make you feel special. All that comes after many years of experience. As some people say Experience is not expensive- it is priceless.
  • Are you well versed in weddings and how long have you been doing wedding photography?
    Yes, Vasko has long last experience in weddings, as his practice is more than 10 years. He started his wedding professional business as freelancing, then working as Photographer for some of the most luxury cruise line ships to gain enough skill to establish his own studio and be master photographer in his born town of Varna, Bulgaria. VASKO Photography was established in 2011 in London, UK offering more boutique and luxury style photography services and products and since then is being delighted of great success.
  • What is your photography style?
    My friends would say Unique. I would say in more professional Meniere a blend of candid and photo journalistic photography capturing the magic moments and emotion, showing the love story of two of you and contemporary and Fine Art photography creating the peerless photographs in a unusual way.
  • What is the advantage having a second photographer at a wedding?
    I honestly advise you to have a second photographer. One photographer cannot be in two places at the same time. The biggest advantage you could have is the possibility of different points of view, more creativity, more captured emotions and joy than a single photographer could do. That is what you need for
  • Are there travel costs?
    Travel costs are part of all wedding options where the wedding is held within 50 miles drive from London. There are no extra fees. Weddings and Destination weddings further away than 50 miles from London would cost extra. Overnight Accommodation might be required.
  • Are your wedding services and business insured?
    Absolutely. VASKO Photography holds Professional Indemnity insurance and full Public Liability insurance.
  • What comes about concerning our photography service on the day in unforeseen circumstances such as sudden illness, injury, etc.?"
    We have a team of high skilled associated photographers on standby who could take over the day. On top of that we carry out Indemnity insurance for your protection.
  • Do you provide a written agreement?
    Yes. We believe that a written agreement associated with our terms conditions is essential. It sets in writhing our commitments, agreed prices etc.
  • Do you bring backup equipment to the wedding?
    Absolutely. We always have a full range of backup equipment when on shoot for yours and mine peace of mind.
  • What happens if it is a bad weather on the wedding day?
    We are glad to keep shooting in the rain, in the snow etc. if you’re happy and a bit crazy for extraordinary shoot to go out in it! Any way it’s worth considering a spare plan as to where to take the photographs if we can’t go outside. It is one of the main reasons to see the venue before the wedding day. This will be discussed at your pre-wedding meeting.
  • What are your valuations on services and packages you have?
    Every wedding is unique and that is the reason to deal on a personal stage. You can have a look at the price list on the basic services and packages; therefore all options can be customized to match your exclusive needs.
  • Why are your prices so expensive?
    There are many photographers offering extremely attractive prices for wedding photography services, however Let me ask you question? Would you do compromise with the quality and services for your “ Only one day”? Certainly, NOT. I believe, experience is not expensive, it is priceless. Considering the personal approach and the quality of service and photography you get the prices suggest exceptional value.
  • Are there any “hidden” costs for you wedding service?
    I do not have ANY hidden extras. The price I quote is the price you pay.
  • Do you need to do a pre-wedding venue visit?
    Yes. I usually make a visit to your chosen wedding venue up to week before the wedding day. That is form a great help to choose the best shooting locations and be familiar with the area.
  • What does basic retouching mean?
    This means color correction, overall sharpness of the image, brightness and tiny skin removal of some blemishes.
  • Can you provide photograph printed onto canvas?
    Yes, please see my price list for details.
  • Can we have some of our pictures in black and white or with some special effects?
    Yes, absolutely. This can be done on the postproduction stage as photographs can be converted to black white, sepia, soft glow or any other special effect. For album design most commonly I use my creative view on combining black and white with color photographs.
  • How can guest and family view and buy images?
    For every wedding I create password-protected gallery on my website. All images are display onto it with option to buy the digital file or a print. If you give your guests and family the password they can have access.
  • How long does it take to see our photographs after the wedding?
    In up to 2 weeks time, you will receive a link and a personal password to my online wedding gallery with the proofs of your wedding photographs. This will allow you to view all images and make the choice for your wedding album.
  • Proofs of your wedding photographs – what does it mean?
    The proofs are all of photographs of your special day fully post edited and complete that you see on our password protected client area. You can use them to choose which photographs you would like in your wedding album.
  • Who choose the images for our wedding album?
    It is entirely your choice of what goes in your wedding album and how the final album looks like.
  • Is there a completion time for choosing our photographs for the album?
    Yes, there is. Without a deadline some couples can take too long time to choose their photographs for the wedding album and designs, during which time prices can go up and the availability of albums can change.
  • Can our guests take their own pictures at the wedding?
    Yes, absolutely. This is a joyful and inspiring day for friends and family. I welcome them to take their own shots as long as they don’t stand in the way of important shots.
  • Who have the copyrights of the photographs taken on our wedding?
    As soon as the photograph is taken, the copyright is given to the photographer instantly. Any kind of reproduction of the images must be agreed in writing with the photographer. I provide with all my wedding collections a master DVD of all photographs copyright free.
  • Have you got a special rate for off season or weekday weddings?
    I don’t have a discount or any special price for weed day weddings or off pic time as it takes the same amount of work and efforts to complete.
  • How many hours do you attend to the weeding?
    Generally basic coverage is up to 10 hours attending depends of your weeding plans. Of course extra time can be added to cover if requested.
  • How does it work about our wedding album design?
    You choose the images, I personally design the album layout, to make sure that story telling book is all perfect. Once you are pleased with the design, I will deliver your album to you.
  • How many images go into my album?
    This depends on the wedding collection and size of the album you choose. It is a story telling book so I recommend that you don’t over fill your wedding album. The perfect photograph speaks on itself.
  • What is a multimedia Slideshow Disc?
    A Multimedia Slideshow disc consists of images from your wedding day set up in a unique way to musical background. It is an unforgettable experience watching your photographs presented in that way as the music put extra impact on your emotions.
  • What is the Password protected Gallery?
    It is a place on my website where I upload the photographs from your wedding day to an online password protected album. You will be able to view your images and to your selection. You can forward your password to all of your friends and family, which allows them to make their own purchases of photographs.
  • Do I have to pose?
    It’s totally up to you. Some couples do like posing, some don’t. Whatever is your mood my aim is always one, to show you in a way you have never seen before.
  • I have a specific style of photography in mind, are you able to take similar photographs?"
    Yes, if you have an idea, list of poses or special place I am more than welcome to discus in our pre-wedding meeting and I’ll do my best to make your dream come thru.
  • Do you take traditional wedding photographs?
    Yes, I do. Taking pictures with your guest, family portraits, group photos they are all part of so called traditional wedding photography and it is a valuable part of your wedding day. I cherish the significance and the story telling behind the traditional family portraits.
  • Do you do a pre-wedding shoot?
    All my wedding photography services include pre-wedding photo shoot. This is great chance to work out together before the wedding day. It helps to get to know each other, to give you directions how to pose and behave in front of the camera. How to feel relax and much more confortable, which is the part of the magic creating stunning photographs. This can be done a lifestyle photo shoot on location or in a studio. Complementary.
  • How far in advance do we need to book your services?
    As long as you have confirmed your wedding date and my services suits your vision. Bear in mind that popular dates, the summer and holidays are running out very quickly and leaving it to the last minute may result no availability. Booking early will give you a peace of mind that you have the secured your day with the best vendors in the branch.

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