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Themed Vintage Photo Shoot based on Renaissance Era Fashion

Themed Vintage Photography, Studio Photography, Portraiture
Photostudio X by VASKO photography

Photostudio X by VASKO photography has a lot of amusement to offer and one of the unique experiences that you won’t find anywhere else is a Vintage Photography Photo-shoot in studio or location. This themed photo shoot based on the renaissance era fashion is one of the most amusing photography styles you could get.

In the studio, we have antique furniture, and beautiful outfits, so you can dive into Tudor, Victorian or 19th Century Fashion and feel like royalty. There are clothes for all ages and sizes and of course many accessories and props- everything to make your pictures look authentic.

Most of all you can have loads of fun by yourself, with your partner and kids. There is something for every one of your families and you can get unique look of your family’s portrait. If you want to surprise someone you love or you have a special occasion, this is the perfect gift. Just call 07435640273, pop up in the studio or message out, and member of out team will arrange everything for you.

Don’t wait! Book your photo session now at or you are very welcome to come to Photostudio X, have a look at the costumes and get 20% off of your first booking.

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