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8 Tips to Get Ready for a Children & Family Photo Shoot!

  • Pop up 15 min before the booking to avoid the stress from being late and missing your photo shoot time slot

  • Have at least 2 outfits for the children to choose from

  • Make sure they have a nice haircut and hairstyle

  • Tell the kids they going to have fun and promise some incentive if they are well behaved

  • Have some of their favorite toys to take part in the photo shoot and keep them in a good mood

  • Make sure the kids have had enough sleep and are not hungry

  • If you have an idea for the photo shoot or any prop/s you think is/are suitable and would like to use share it with the photographer. He would be more than happy to take advantage and put more uniqueness to the photos

  • At the photo shoot make sure you smile and have fun. There is nothing better than the good mood and happy faces on the photo for the perfect picture

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